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On-line Videos

So, how do you stay fit outside of the classes that we offer? If you don’t fancy paying a monthly gym membership or don’t have time due to work or family commitments then do not despair as we have created some fantastic Express Exercise Videos that you can purchase and do as many times as you like, when you like!

In light of the current climate we have set the price of these videos at an incredible¬†¬£3.50; if you use the video 10 times that’s equivalent to 35p a workout!

Express Abs and Back 1

A fabulous express workout for your abdominal and back muscles based on Pilates and postural techniques


Express Conditioning 1 Do you want to increase your metabolic rate for up to 24 hours post workout (i.e. burn more calories)? Then this workout is the one for you. There is a great mix of cardiovascular and conditioning exercises that are designed to work all major muscle groups. Kiz will take you through over 20 different exercises and give you multiple options for each which you can pick depending upon your fitness level. Start burning calories now!


Express Conditioning 2 Another great metabolic rate lifting workout! This workout give you the best results if you use some hand weights and a skipping rope but it is possible to do without either. Click on the buy now button to get started!

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