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No Classes 14 Apr – 2 May 23

There will be no classes running from 14 Apr – 2 May 23 as both Kiz and Julie are on holiday. We are offering a 2 recording pack for £10 should you require them for Pilates. We are also happy to add a Body Conditioning Class recording for a further £5. Please contact us by 10 Apr if you would like to take up this offer.

  1. Hi Julie and Kiz
    I have changed jobs a bit so am hoping I can finally come back to pilates (not least as just back from camping and it was definitely more of a challenge to get off the ground and out of the sleeping bag in the morning than it used to be!). I will pop £15 across now for the double pilates pack and body conditioning offer while you are away and if it is not too late to order this. ( If it is just use it as down payment for some upcoming classes)
    Best wishes and have super holidays
    Anne Hunt 0787 585 0921

  2. Hi Anne,
    Apologies, we don’t tend to see messages left on the website. Hopefully you received the recordings and I hope you found them both useful and fun! If you want to join us in the future then please send me an email at I hope the new job is going well.
    Best wishes,
    Kiz x

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