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Live Stream Classes

Due to us being unable to hold live classes with you all at the moment, we are running live stream classes for you. If you wold like to join in with these then you will need to download Zoom. please use the following link to do this:

Please click on the following video if you need to see how to download the app onto your phone / computer:

Please go onto the book a place page and let us know what time slot you would like to book on to (more on this at the bottom of this page) . Please do this at least 24 hours before the class time if possible to allow us time to send you the PayPal invoice or BACS details which will need to have processed before we can then book you onto and send you the link for the class. Each class is one hour long and is priced at £6 per class.

We have 4 classes running throughout the week and these are Initially the classes will run at the time slots of our community classes but we can add more if the demand is there. We will therefore allow you the first 15 minutes of each slot to do the warm up and the live component will start after this so each live broadcast will be: Monday 0845hrs, Monday 1900hrs, Thursday 0845hrs and Thursday 1830hrs

There are also indoor cycling classes on Tuesday mornings at 0830hrs and HIIT on Wednesday mornings at 0845hrs both with Kiz.