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Giving Friday is BACK!

So, we have another Bank Holiday approaching (8th May) which of course is a Friday as it is to celebrate VE Day so how’s about we make it another Giving Friday? Some of our wonderful instructors who gave their time last time are back on board along with the amazing Lauren Reynolds! 
This time, we are giving people the option to again give to NHS Charities direct (thank you for all who donated last time and helped us smash our target of £1000 as we raised over £2300) or to donate to Refuge a charity which is helping women and children to escape domestic abuse which is a huge problem at the best of times let alone during lockdown. 
So you can donate to either:
Refuge –
NHS Charities Together –
So far our line is:
0845 HIIT with me for 30 minutes
0930 Pilates in Pyjamas (yes, you read that right) with Julie Morse and myself for 45 minutes
1030 Dance Fitness with Claudia Albornoz
1130 Chair Yoga with Lauren Reynolds
1200 The Everything Formula (Cardio, Strength, stretch + relaxation) with Stu Gatherum and Tori Gatherum
Standby for some more amazing instructors to be added to the timetable. 
We smashed out £1000 target last time raising over £2300 so thank you so much for you generosity. And of course, if you donated previously, please do not feel obliged to donate again, just come and join us and celebrate connecting together on VE Day. xx

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