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Corporate Classes

Swindon Pilates run successful lunch-time, on-site classes in businesses across Swindon and Cirencester.

Regardless of where you work, including a session of Pilates to help combat the physical strains of poor posture and repetitive movement can provide immediate and long-term benefits for your staff or co-workers. Pilates is perfect exercise for a busy workforce because it can help to relieve stress and improve concentration. Because Pilates focuses on the deep abdominal muscles it is perfect for anyone who sits at a desk all day and needs to work on improving their posture. Equally, people who spend long periods of time on their feet are at risk of developing a variety of back problems which could be alleviated with correct posture.

  • Companies with the strongest health & wellbeing cultures had a 45% lower cost of productivitycompared with those that didn’t.
  • Stress costs the UK economy almost £4 billion a year.
  • Companies that invest in employee wellbeing have found 25% less staff turnover, 40% less absence & 50% less accidents & injuries
  • 2/5 of companies have seen a rise in reported mental health problems (such as anxiety & depression) in the last 12 months.

Offering on-site, lunchtime, fitness classes has been shown to relive stress, boost team morale, improve concentration and improve productivity. As Pilates is non-impact, requires no equipment, (except mats which are provided), non-aerobic form of exercise it is perfect to provide that welcome break and refresh before the afternoons efforts. There is no financial outlay for the company, all you need is a nominated point of contact and space to accommodate the size of your desired groups – most of the work is done lying down on the floor.

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