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About Swindon Pilates

Swindon Pilates is Kiz Davis and Julie Morse.

Swindon Pilates

Julie Morse – Qualified Fitness Pilates Instructor and sports and fitness therapist, personal trainer, aromatherapist

Kiz Davis – Qualified Fitness Pilates and fitness Instructor, nutritionist and NLP practitioner

Kiz is a qualified fitness instructor who specialises in body conditioning, spinning, swiss ball, aqua and fitness pilates. Julie is a sports and fitness therapist, personal trainer and a fitness pilates instructor. We felt that is a need to provide community run, pay as you go pilates classes where the instructors are experienced in general fitness and also sports injury to help cater for people of all abilities and ages. Our classes aim to improve posture and core stability but in a fun environment without having to pay expensive gym fees for places that can often feel impersonal.